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hi! I'm Maricela ... owner of the Waggery ... and my life changed 6 years ago when a shaggy, old-looking dog wandered into my life off the streets of the Southside. Little did I know that she, "Wookie," was an 8-month old chiflada-in-the-making who would lead me to create a space for all people to spoil their fur-babies.

All good pet parents want a certain lifestyle for their pets ... whether it's the food in their dish, the apparel they wear, or the shampoo they're bathed with. We want the best for them! And since I couldn't easily attain quality essentials for my Wookie, I decided to create the kind of place that brings together not just the necessities, but a full canine lifestyle experience with quality at the heart.




Give your pet the lifestyle they deserve

Here at the Waggery it's about QUALITY over quantity - we don't care about having the most options, but the RIGHT ones.

Let us help you dive into all things

pertaining to food, gear & supplies


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Current Hours of Operation:

WED-SUN | 12PM - 5PM

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Tel: (210) 444-9140

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