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Dog on Blue

Time to sniff around 

Bad News first...

If you see any of these listed on the ingredient label of your dogs' food - RUFF!RUFF!RUN!
"meat meal"
"bone meal"
Food Dyes
"Blue 2"
"Red 40"
"Yellow 5,6"

Other harmful ingredients to keep an eye out for: 

  • unhealthy filers, such as rice bran, corn bran, soybean hulls, wheat mill run, modified cornstarch, oat hulls, cereal by-products, cottonseed hulls, peanut hulls, rice hulls, citrus pulp, corn gluten, wheat gluten, soybean meal

  • artificial flavors

  • carrageenan

  • "animal fat" or rendered fat

  • MSG (monosodium glutamate)

What to look for...

Mix of steak meat : salmon , beef , pork
Fresh Vegetables in Basket
Bottled Olive Oil
fats & oils
Crop Field Aerial Shot
Locally Sourced

food for thought...

Pets are no different than humans when it comes to how food impacts your overall health & well-being. What we feed them effects their skin & coat, digestion, energy, dental hygiene, etc.


As pet owners, we are responsible for giving the best care to our fur-babies - and that means being diligent about knowing what you feed them. 

Do your research! Really sniff around when deciding what to feed your pets. A good brand will be transparent about the sourcing of ingredients - and they won't risk quality by using cheap fillers to save on costs. 


Yes high-quality food comes at a higher price, but when you break down the numbers, the extra dollar a day is worth a healthier life for your pet.


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